sábado, 5 de outubro de 2013

My Artifact

I got this little necklace when I was 8, right after my first serious ballet recital, who gave it to me was my grandmother, the mother of my mother.

It meant a lot to me because we are not very close, and she used to be a dancer too, and a very good one.  For me, having her, give that to me was amazing I felt as if I had made her proud, I found a connection between us, and it was something that I wanted so badly. Because I have a very big family, and we usually compete for attention, so I felt amazing.

For me the necklace represents strength, standing out, being unique, and that has a lot to do with my brand, because I love the thought that I am unique, that out of 7 billion people, there is only 1 Beatriz Kauffmann, that danced and has a necklace.

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