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3 Simple Tips for Taking Better Photos if you are not a Professional Photographer

1- Make your subject comfortable: sometimes when people are posing for pictures they tend to get tense and "force smile", to avoid that from happening start talking to them, make them laugh, this way your pictures will be more natural!


2- Rule of Thirds: The rule of thirds is a simple photography that consists in taking pictures of your subject in the third "section" of the screen, not only it makes the picture interesting but it makes it look better. And if you need help, you can simply add the grids to your digital camera screen.

notice how the subject isn't in the exact middle of the picture.

3- Define the Subject: When you are taking a picture you think about this for moment "what am I taking a picture of", if your answer has only one word, you are good to go, but if not then maybe you might want to define it.

here is an example of a well defined subject:

clearly the subject is the boat

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