segunda-feira, 30 de setembro de 2013

Brand Statement

I am student, daughter, and dancer. One of the things I care about most is my friends, friendship to me is very important, in general I am very outgoing, I thrive socialization. One of my core values is loyalty,it is very important that people trust me and that I can trust them. I think it's good to learn to forgive, and evolve, Act above the others, be mature.
I am a good, strong, student , and I really like helping my mother, specially with chores. I love to learn, no matter what, the most important thing is to learn, because the wiser people, are those who know a little of everything, and this is a saying that I take with me. As I just said I love learning and my will to know everything is huge.
I was volunteering, by teaching children english, it was a very enriching experience, and I loved it.
As a dancer, I dance with passion, it is a huge part of my life, it is how I express myself freely, specially in studio, but sometimes when we present in stage, it is completely different, I don’t enjoy it very much, only that one moment when you are in front of everyone and the fear has gone away and you get to be free, be the center of attention.  In Brazil I felt that I grew up a lot as a dancer, but I came to a point that because it is my hobby not an obligation, sometimes I have sacrifice it for academics, for the time being.

In the same way I sacrificed my hobby, my parents are also sacrificing a lot so I can study here, and for that I am very grateful. As sister feel it is very important I be an example for him. page!

quinta-feira, 19 de setembro de 2013


“We have too many high-sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them.”
by: Abigail Adams
explanation: I choose this quote not because I think it is beautiful, but because it makes me want to prove it wrong, it pushes me to do things, to have better actions.And that is what my brand is about it is about doing, no talking, but doing.

atualmente, a tua mente, atua ou mente?

currently does your mind act or lie?

I chose this again because it represents my logo, I am all about doing and not sitting and watching, and I am constantly in that doubt , that you talk but never act.

If I'd observed all the rules, I'd never have got anywhere.
Marylin Monroe,

And I picked that one because it talks about something really important to me which is thinking outside the box, be different, people may like normal but they cherish different.


I think this logo is great because it isn’t too serious, it is kind of friendly, and the twisted, upside down F is also very friendly. I made it like this because it isn’t normal, it is not something you see every single day, it is different, special, i gives you an idea that I think outside of the box.
   The color orange represents determination, productivity, and success, and those three qualities, in my opinion are vital, they are incredibly important, and they represent what I am, and the way that I want people to see me. And the blue detail is to show that besides all that I am someone you can trust, confide in.